Socially Responsible Product Development

Consumers and businesses alike are searching for great products that give back. In fact, Stern Business School at NYU (Oct. 11,2013) found that 60% of consumers are demanding them.

Deliver quality and impact by working with DoGoodBuyUs to develop products for your organization.

Q: What kind of products can we develop?

A: We can help you develop socially responsible products such as scarves, water bottles, notebooks, beauty products, jewelry and more. Ask our team for a full catalogue.

Q: Will the items be customized?

A: You bet! All our products can be custom colored and logoed. Perfect for resale or gifting.

“Socially responsible products genuinely delighted many of our clients and customers. The team at DoGoodBuyUs did a terrific job!” – Lee, American Investment Planners

Go where your customers already are

Socially Responsible product development gives your team the ability to Story-Sell. The idea that because of them, the world is a better place. When a business can match it’s customers values, it’s a winning combination.

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