Malaika For Life - As Seen On The Doctors!

Malaika For Life - As Seen On The Doctors! - buy a bracelet, save a life.

Why Malaika? Malaika means "angel" in Swahili, a powerful symbol for an organization that has helped treat more than 25,000 Tanzanians in only two years.

Founded in 2009 by a malaria survivor, MALAIKAFORLIFE is a grassroots movement to stop malaria, save lives and support communities with one simple gesture - buy a bracelet, save a life.

With every bracelet purchase, MALAIKA saves lives from malaria and sustains women's and community's livelihoods in Tanzania.

How? We currently focus on purchasing and delivering the crucial malaria medicine to those who cannot afford the costs through the Moshi Catholic Diocese who oversees five hospitals and 37 dispensaries in northeast Tanzania. For the women who handcraft the products, we are providing them a sustainable income that in turn facilitates economic development in their Tanzanian community. Malaika operates as a 501c3 entity under Hope Through Opportunity, a California based non-profit that has a 15 year infrastructure in Moshi, Tanzania.

Our Story: Kristen Kenney, the stereotypical all-American girl, contracted malaria in Africa in 2009 while filming a documentary TANZANIA: A Friendship Journey. While recovering she learned that less than $10 could buy the medicine needed to heal from the life-threatening disease. Seemingly inexpensive, the medication is often hard to find in Africa's poorest communities due to lack of funds or resources available. The realization motivated her to sell a few bracelets to friends and family upon her return to the states and use the funds to purchase medicine. The brightly beaded bracelets were more popular than she had expected. The concept soon spawned into what is now known as MALAIKA FOR LIFE.

Prior to Malaika, Kristen was a reporter for Public Broadcasting (PBS) and currently works for FOXSports/, but continues to volunteer and dedication her life to MALAIKA FOR LIFE.

MALAIKA FOR LIFE is all VOLUNTEER, fueled by our team of Angels for Africa. Our Angels can be found here.