On October 1st, we started the Dopper Campaign with the goal of selling 300 water bottles to  build a water well in a Baglung or Gorkha, Nepal. Today marks the end of the Dopper Campaign, and we are happy to announce that we have exceeded our goal by more than 200 Dopper bottles!

Because of YOU, not only can Dopper and the Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH) organization build a water access point, but they can also build three lavatories. For Nepalese residents, access to clean water and sanitation are everyday struggles. Lack of water and sanitation contributes to other issues facing Nepalese communities, such as poor health and diverting time away from productive work. Improving the quality of life for Baglung and Gorkha residents is the mission of NEWAH and Dopper.

Within the Baglung, and Gorkha districts of Nepal, there are six village-commissions that house 19,087 residents. The ultimate goal of NEWAH is to build 24 water systems in the region, and give everyone access to a toilet. 13,580 people will be directly helped by the building of water wells, and 18,492 residents will receive a toilet. Not only will the lives of residents in Baglung, and Gorkha be transformed through increased sanitation and access to safe water, but the construction of the projects will provide over 1,000 jobs for the community.

DoGoodBuyUs is proud, and YOU should be too, that the campaign was a great success, and we have brought the mission several steps closer to completion.


Visit the campaign, here.