Our Dopper Water Bottle campaign to sell 300 bottles to build a water well in a Nepalese community is under way. Nepal is a landlocked country, whose residents depend on rivers to get their drinking water. However, most rivers in Nepal are polluted with industrial, domestic, and sewage wastes. The lack of clean water drives people away from the river to mountain streams, and brooks miles away from their home. There is no guarantee that the water from these sources are any cleaner or less contaminated than the river. For most, the only way to test the safety of the water is to drink it and hope it is not contaminated with unsafe and hazardous pollutants.

According to the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage in Nepal, approximately 85% of the population has access to drinking water, which means that the water source is relatively local and can be piped into a household. That is still 15% of the population that does not have access to water unless they travel miles from their homes to fetch it from other sources. Compounding the problem is that, even if the water is piped, there is still a very large chance that the water is unsafe to use. With the building of water wells through the Nepal Water for Health (NEWAH), who have a separate system of pipes and sanitation, there will be an increase in the access to clean water.

Visit the campaign, here!

NEWAH’s goals, supported by DoGoodBuyUs and the Dopper campaign, are to increase sanitation to limit the spread of waterborne diseases, to increase the access to useable water, and limit wastewater contamination. All of these goals will improve the quality of life in Nepalese communities. The daily lives of residents, from the youngest to the oldest, revolve around getting water. Chakra Devkota is a Lower Kindergarten student with 5 brothers and sisters. He is in charge of getting water for his entire family from a source about 15 minutes from his home. In order to get enough water Chakra must make 4 trips the moment he gets home from school. “If there is a long queue at the water source, I return home not before dark. It leaves me no time to do my homework. Then the following day, the teachers scold me and if I don’t fetch water at home my parents scold me,” said Chakra.

Join the campaign (link here) to build a water well to aid children like Chakra, and other Nepalese residents get safe, local access to water. YOUR purchase of a Dopper Water Bottle brings us one step closer to NEWAH’s goal.