Everyone has a favorite piece of jewelry that they favor more than other other piece they own. Most of the time this treasured bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings has a special meaning or memory behind it. At DoGoodBuyUs, all of the jewelry we feature has a special meaning, and works towards improving the quality of life for people around the world. Looking to buy yourself a gift, or know someone that loves to accessorize with some fabulous jewelry? Look no further than DoGoodBuyUs’ top ten jewelry gifts that give back. In addition to adding a bit of flair to any wardrobe, every time you wear a piece, YOU are increasing the benefits of your purchase by promoting socially conscious shopping and spreading the word for these great causes. Not to mention showing off your amazing eye for great, handcrafted jewelry: 

10) World Bracelet Until There’s A Cure - Proceeds provides financial support and care for those infected with HIV/AIDS- $20

9) Malaria No More Bracelets by Malaika for Life - For each bracelet purchased, a person infected with malaria receives medication - $20

8) LOVE Necklace by Bird and Stone - Supports empowerment organizations - $58

7) L.I.F.E. Bands by CTC International - Provides employment to East African women to life their family out of poverty - $30

6) Figlie di Fortuna Starburst Earrings - Purchases aid the export and growth of businesses of traditional Chilean artisans - $21

5) Jude Necklace by Senhoa - Supports vulnerable persons and survivors of human trafficking - $100

4) 24 Line with Stones by Glocal - Aids women struggling in handcrafted businesses in Guatemala - $64

3) Falling Whistle Necklaces - Provides education opportunities to war-torn soldiers in the Congo - $34

2) African Art Bracelet by Until There’s a Cure - Provides care services, food, and schooling to children in Africa affected by AIDS - $25

1) Hand-Woven Bracelets by Pulsera - Proceeds go towards programs that help Nicaraguan youth develop bright futures - $7