When you are in the moment, very little else matters. You work all night and all-year to raise as much money For The Kids as possible. Though when you look back at the pictures, here is what you might see.

19. Having a tutu in your closet is an absolute staple

18. Counting down to do an all nighter never seemed so much fun

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17. You couldn't be more excited when you spot a DM t-shirt a mile away 

16. Coloring Books are your best friends

15. It’s the first time crying in public never felt so right

14. When you hear a song from your line dance you immediately want to break out

13. Wearing clothes from the 90’s never felt so rad

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12. Hearing you raised more money than last year For the Kids is the greatest moment of your life

11. You hear the FTK chant in your sleep

10. Color wars at DM are way more fun than they were at camp

9. Canning for the kids outside of bars and Tailgates is part of your weekend ritual

8. You can never have  enough DM Swag

7. You have been planning all year for theme hours

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6. Acting like bigger kids then the kids is just part of the fun

5. Tennis Balls and Golf Balls are a hot commodity

4. Participating in Dance Marathon is the best decision you made in college

3. Knowing the true meaning of being a part of something bigger then yourself

2. Going to sleep before 8pm never felt so good

1. Miracle Kids are your heroes

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