I didn't know bug spray could do that!

Posted on August 06, 2013 by Zack Rosenberg | 0 comments

Sure you would expect bug spray to keep the bugs away but, would you expect it to provide life saving medical treatments for women in Tennessee? That is precisely what was accomplished, because of you.

In May, we along with our partners Thistle Farms were fortunate enough to be featured on RealSimple.com and in the magazine. The feature was on the all-natural, chemical free and child safe bug spray we carry. With nearly 500 bottles sold, we were curious as to the impact we made with each and every sale. 

Thistle Farms mission is to empower women who have been abused and give them a second chance. One can only imagine what some of these women went through but, we can rest assured that they are getting the help they need AND, it's all because of you!

This summer 12 new women entered the rehabilitation center seeking to make things right in their life. They were provided housing, an education and medical treatments. All 12 women are there cost-free because of your bug spray purchases. 

Throughout the year we will provide updates on their stories and their progress and of course, show you more ways to make a difference through your purchases.

THANK YOU from our teams to you for bringing these amazing projects to life. Get yours here!

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