It was my 18th birthday and the summer between High School and College. I had no idea what was in-store for my future, but I was scared and excited all at the same time. My brother and I went to NYC and saw the most incredible show Avenue Q. I walked out laughing hysterically and finally feeling like I wasn't alone. These lyrics kept playing over again in my head "Everyone else has a purpose so what's mine?" and "When you help others,You can’t help helping yourself!" 

"I still haven't found my purpose" or at least so I thought. But if I knew back in November in 2007, when I decided to participate in Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM), that I would love it so much I would find a job where I could participate in Dance Marathons around the country I would have laughed. And I am sure my friends would have laughed to.

Hours before my very first Dance Marathon I was sitting in the living room of my sorority listening to the older girls talk about it. They wanted to remind us what we were about to endure in the next 36 hours would be a life changing experience, and one we would talk about for years. To me well…I sat there smiled, nodded, and listened to them as it literally started sinking in my head what did I just get myself into. I am no athlete, I didn't even know where the gym was.  And now I am standing for 36 hours? I mean I knew what I signed up for but did I really? Was I prepared for this? Should I have been training? Maybe I should have taken the bus instead of walking home from class yesterday. Yikes. 

All of those thoughts that crossed my mind seemed so negative, but what I didn't mentally prepare myself for was how amazing these families were, how brave these kids are and how no matter what organization you came from we all had one goal. We were there FOR THE KIDS! Even though I extremely cranky and just wanted to collapse, when the total was raised and I realized we had raised over 1 million dollars I knew I had to do it again.

Fast forward 5 years later I may have graduated, but Dance Marathon has become a huge part of my life. With the help of DoGoodBuyUs we have helped 40 different Universities including my alma mater and several others working with their Dance Marathons to raise even MORE money for the kids. If you think 36 hours is long...try standing over 150 hours! 

I've traveled to all over the country watching total after total go up with students screaming and crying with excitement because"When you help others,You can’t help helping yourself!" As a community we have come together and saved thousands and maybe even millions of children around the country who may not have received their treatments if it wasn't for us. 

And it made me realize THIS was my purpose. My purpose is to help college students make a difference in the lives of these children and their families. If you've already participated in Dance Marathon you understand my passion and if you haven't, find out what your life is missing.  

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