I doubt anyone would argue that being President of the United States is a difficult and thankless job. Each day you struggle with the realities of the world and make a tireless effort to improve the lives of our nearly 300 million citizens. While all the work they do is part of their civil service, many Presidents have made it their lives to give back and help others after their they have left the Oval Office.

Franklin D. Roosevelt saw us through some of the most difficult times in the countries history. Between the Great Depression and WWII, the country faced a devastating bout with Polio. Quick to act, FDR founded the March of Dimes to raise the money necessary to find a cure. With the help of Dr. Jonas Salk, they did indeed cure Polio. With a successful track record, the March of Dimes now focuses their attention on curing diseases that lead to infant mortality.

Herbert Hoover was known by his friends as a very generous man. He achieved international prominence and praise for his humanitarian work in war-torn Belgium. What many may now know about his giving back, is that President Hoover donated all of his civil service salaries to charity.

John F Kennedy continued the tradition of donating his pay to charity. Taking it a step further, as a President and a former military man he saw the devastation first hand of war-torn nations. He rallied the country to perform public service by saying, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country." To bolster our standing the world, JFK founded the Peace Corp. Seeking volunteers to aid and improve the lives of people around the globe.

Jimmy Carter also strongly believed in community service and in rolling up his sleeves. Taking his belief in building communities, Carter led the initiative that would eventually turn Habitat for Humanity into a household name.

Bill Clinton has been on a mission to change the world through the Clinton Global Initiative. From raising money to cure disease to trying to bring about systemic changes to improve the lives of people around the world. We have had an opportunity to see their work firsthand. Truly amazing what they are accomplishing.

George W Bush partnered with Bill Clinton to form the Clinton Bush Haiti Relief Fund in the wake of the tsunami. This unlikely tandem help restore the lives of some 300,000 Haitians proving there is hope beyond politics.