Start Something that Matters.

Posted on June 06, 2013 by Zack Rosenberg | 0 comments

We are so fortunate to have been selected to be apart of the Start Something That Matters Challenge. Sponsored by GOOD magazine, Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS and the Start Something That Matters Foundation, DoGoodBuyUs has been given the opportunity to start something that matters - DoGoodBuyUswin $50,000 that could help our business reach new heights. The challenge is based on what drives social impact and with your help, and your vote, we can continue on our way to do something that matters.

Passion is what drives change. Making a difference in others lives is what DoGoodBuyUs aims to do with every purchase made. With $50,000 we would be able to implement more advertising, while boosting our support for our charitable partners. DoGoodBuyUs could expand more awareness for sustainable consumerism and take a significant step towards this new movement. Our team would have the chance to reach new platforms, gain a larger customer base, and convey our message. Not only would 50k be beneficial to our company, but also our 250-300 partners would greatly receive benefits and recognition. This award could change our business forever all while helping others.

Our world is on an upward spiral of changing business. DoGoodBuyUs is not only contributing to the trend, but we’re taking the reigns. The pieces are in place for our company to grow, and being apart of Start Something That Matters has the potential to be one of the final steps. Every vote counts, with your vote we are leaps closer to changing the world. 


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