You Love To Help Others But Often Have Trouble Finding the Time

Time is always at premium, right? Whether its the kids, work or a million other things, we all have our priorities. We also care about the world our children grow up in. I know I do. I read labels on products, trying to find the best for my son. Sometimes he wins and gets cookies for breakfast. By and large I think a lot about the things I use on a daily basis from the soap to my coffee. I may not think whether or not they are ethically made but, I do often wonder how they affect me. 

Parenting is about teaching life lessons including helping others, giving back, doing good and change the world.When it comes to giving back, yes it is something I care about. I hate seeing the devastation on the news each day and I try to volunteer or donate where/when I can. Yes it matters but where does one start?

I think DoGoodBuyUs can help. At DoGoodBuyUs we believe in making the world a better place, simply. We created the largest marketplace for charity-made products as an easy way to do this. They are both good for you AND good for others. We can help you make a difference in the world without doing anything differently and helping the causes you care about at the same time.

For instance, what if fighting breast cancer was as easy as buying cosmetics? With our partner Spa4thepink it can be.
Here is another great example, how great would it be if we rid the world of homelessness just by buying tea? With Hunger Relief International coffee, you can do just that.

Since our charity partners are the ones creating the products, the vast majority of the proceeds go back to them. Now I know what you are thinking this all sounds super fantastic but, what does a charity know about making great products? I want to help but, I don't want to give up the quality. We are so glad you asked. Likely you use charity made products all the time and don't even think about it.

If you have ever worn a Lance Armstrong bracelet, eaten a Paul Newman's Own cereal or dressings, Girl Scout cookies, a FEED: Projects tote bag, used Wikipedia, we rely on them all of the time.

Together we can make the world a better place, simply AND help others in the process.

Visit our marketplace at DoGoodBuyUs and see what our more than 70 organizations have to offer!