We would argue that everything is better in the 90's. At DoGoodBuyUs, we would include PSA's on that list. From celebrities to the completely strange, changing the world came in many different flavors. Below you will learn why you should avoid drugs, stopping violence and some fairly catchy tunes.


14) Sexual Harassment is not a laughing matter but, seeing a teenage Lady Gaga telling kids about it is.

13) The best part is when Captain Lou Albano says, "You will Go To Hell"

12) The Power Rangers on respect. PSA within a PSA, I still have a crush on the Pink Ranger

11) The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles offer the confusing message of say no to drugs and yes to a pizza

10) Great message from the cast of Full House but, no Michelle Tanner?

9) They say it takes about 20 years for television broadcasts to reach space. If this is true, let this be the record of our time.

8) Pee-Wee Herman was giving us advice?

7) Yes sir, Mr. Hammer!

6) Did this get you to stop fighting with siblings?

5) Keep America Beautiful

4) No questions from me

3) Take a bite out of crime

2) We don't go anywhere near forests

1) Giving Poison a Persona