I have some good news and you may or may not believe it. It appears the tide is turning and social good is now in style. For far too long, we have rewarded companies and people who don't necessarily have our best interest at heart. Why would we do this? Simply, because it was in their best interest whether that be financially or politically.

Now I mentioned above that social good is in, and it is. According to a study recently done by Nielsen, 48% of Americans when given the choice would pick a product or service that gives back. Another study by eMarketer found that 56% of Americans have searched for gifts that give.

Isn't this encouraging?

To us social good is inherent and sustainable. When beginning any project you should ask yourself, can this last forever? If the answer is yes, than it sounds like it is worth pursuing. After all, doesn't it bother you when you hear folks say, "We have enough to last for 100 years!". Ok, then what? Oh right, they won't be here.

A business that can last forever is worth way more than a business with an expiration date. Do you agree? Comment below!

How is DoGoodBuyUs doing social good? By working with 100's of charities and nonprofits around the world and helping them sell products. You can rest assured that the practices used to create items such as clothing and jewelry will be organic, often handmade and best of all, by acceptable standards of production.

The rise of the social enterprise and doing well by doing good. We look at Tom's Shoes, Warby Parker, Paul Newman's Own and others and feel hopeful. Look how fast the culture is changing and, for the better.

We define it simply as, giving back with every transaction. If it is a part of our DNA, then doing the right thing must be important to us. What we have learned from the above, is that it is important to you too.

If you are interested in doing social good, starting a social enterprise or have questions, please send me a note to zack@dogoodbuy.us. We look forward to working with you to make consumerism a force for good!