Are you the kind of person always looking for a new craft to do with your friends? Well then look what we have in store for you! With this wonderful line of Figlie di Fortuna dried flowers here are a list of ideas you didn't know you could do with Dried and Edible Flowers. 

1. Figlie di Fortuna Rosebud: Looking for a fun new cocktail to make for the girls before a night out on the town. Make a Rosebud Cocktail

2. Figlie di Fortuna Marigold: That time of the month? Marigold Tea is a great little way to help regulate menstrual cycles.

3. Figlie di Fortuna Lavendar: Like me, you love making fun snacks to bring to the office. Make Candied Lavendar Pecans. It is sure to be a hit!

4. Figlie di Fortuna Camomile: When you see Camomile you are probably thinking Tea...but I bet you didn't know the benefits it has on your sleep. Make a small pillow and put it by your head at night after that crazy long day at work.  You will sleep like a baby!

5. Figlie di Fortuna Honeysuckle: Are you looking for a way to break that fever without taking advil. Honeysuckle tea is known to cure that headache and fever in a safe and healthy way.

6. Figlie di Fortuna Cornflower: Cornflower produces a natural sugar. Turn your cornflower into a colorful topping for that sunday morning brunch!

7. Figlie di Fortuna Chrysanthemum: Do you wake up with dry tired eyes? Do you know that Chrysanthemum's help cure imbalances of the liver and kidney's causing the dry eyes. You drink a cup of tea you will be so happy it will bring tears to your eyes!