We Love Our DoGooders! Meet Elizabeth Betson

Posted on January 24, 2013 by Eshley Spitzer | 0 comments

When folks start using DoGoodBuyUs, purchasing gifts that give twice can become addicting. 

Meet Elizabeth Betson from South Bend, Indiana, she studied interior design in Florida before moving back to South Bend and working at the South Bend Museum of Art. Have you been?

Elizabeth was first interested in DoGoodBuyUs when her closest friend started telling her about the business’s unique mission and progress. She always appreciated hearing how the business was flourishing.

She purchased the Thistle Farms Body Butter and Body Polish to help her skin during the dry winter season.  A lover of ceramics, she needed a new lotion that would nurture her hands after a session at the ceramics studio. Excited by what she was giving, Elizabeth decided to gift herself with the body butter and polish.

“I LOVE IT,” she told us. “After I have been throwing porcelain on the wheel for a couple hours, the Body Butter is thick and makes my skin smooth and soft for a long period of time.”

Elizabeth says that the Thistle Body Butter seems to have a lasting effect and is more efficient than other products she has tried in the past. She calls the body polish a lifesaver for her hands.

What is great is that Elizabeth feels like she can help a non-profit while receiving a product made of natural ingredients, all while giving back.

“It is a win win situation,” Elizabeth says. “You get a great product and help others.”

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