With Congress at an all-time low approval rating of around 9%, it should come as no surprise that they have managed to make many of our lives worse. Interesting fun-fact, 9% is equal to the favorability rating of Hugo Chavez in the US. Probably not something to be proud of.

While many of us are relieved the fiscal cliff didn't take full effect, raising taxes on everyone and cutting all government spending by 10% across the board, it will certainly burden charities across the nation.

What many may have missed is that the final deal wasn't simply about raising taxes but, also for closing loopholes. One of those loopholes is charitable deduction. You know, the tax incentive to donate to your favorite cause or charity.

There is already tremendous burden on the non-profits of today. Grants are drying up, donations are drying up and stiffer competition.

So, how much will this have an impact? Many economists believe this will reduce funding by almost $7 Billion this year of the $218 Billion or so that would have been donated by individuals. That is almost 3% less!

That means there is less than $150k per charity. That doesn't even cover 4 full time employees. I don't know about you but, I rarely hear a non-profit talk about being flush with cash. If not in the hands of these amazing organizations, where will this money end up? Probably not in areas of the greatest need.

We believe DoGoodBuyUs has the solution. Did you know that Apple alone made $140 billion dollars in 2012? That means the market for consumer good dwarfs that of donations. If we can shift many of those dollars into the hands of our causes, we can use consumerism as a force for good. 

To ensure that everyone wins in the process, we are offering this incentive to any 5013c who wishes to participate. We are offering 10% off at DoGoodBuyUs to anyone who donates $25 or more. Give to your favorite cause and get 10% off your favorite products, pretty cool right?