Everyone has a celebrity or public figure they connect with. Whether it be ideals, or looks, or roles they have selected. We connect with those we have never met in ways we cannot understand. I think I have found that figure. 

Who is yours? Comment below!

When you are young, messages in books and movies tend to go right over your head. We see this in movies like Shrek, Toy Story and more. There are moments where the kids laugh and moments where the parents laugh. However, the message we walk away with is always the same. I believe, Dr Seuss is a master of this very genre.

It wasn't until I began re-reading his books to my son that my curiosity began to peak. Dr Seuss was talking about some really heavy stuff. The Butter Battle book was about the Cold War and the Sneetches about Racial Equality. Earlier this year I wrote about the Lorax. The begs for a change in consumerism in a way that eve a 5 year old can understand. Destroying a forest to make money, isn't ok.

Watching the Grinch Who Stole Christmas this year was like being struck by lighting. The Grinch only borrowed Christmas in the way many of us do during this time of year. While folks may or may not have gotten the gifts they wanted, having health, the love of family and time to reflect is what the season is all about.

Though the Grinch had stolen all the gifts and all the decorations, the spirit could never be taken away. For me, it was a powerful reminder. It is up to us to keep ourselves grounded this time of year AND spread the message to those around us.

At DoGoodBuyUs our mission is to change consumerism using the enormous potential it has as, a force for good. I have to believe Dr Seuss would be proud of our efforts. Do you? Tell us below!