At DoGoodBuyUs, we know that a gift that leaves a mark is a thoughtful one during the holiday season. While gift cards and designer brands are nice, it’s the gifts that carry a certain sentiment and thoughtful gesture that stay with us. Here’s what some of our friends consider to be the most thoughtful gift they ever received

Mara from Georgia

“A few years ago my sister booked a hotel in Hilton Head for a weekend so that my family could all go spend some time together at the beach.”

Gerardo from Mexico City, Mexico

”This holiday season,  not only will I see my family reunited again but I will get to see the best gift yet, a lovely new family member, my nephew!”


Taryn from New York

“My parents got me a new camera lens before I went abroad last year. I was able to take beautiful pictures with it and I was so touched that they believed in my photo skills!”

Brandon from Massachusetts

“A framed photo of my family for when I went to college!” 

Daniel from New York

“One of my best friends made me a scrapbook full of pictures and quotes that encompassed the last five or six years of my life. It wasn't embellished or expensive, but it was straight from the heart. Sometimes the effort one puts into a gift means more than any price tag.”

Jordan from South Carolina

“Being able  to spend two nights with my family in Charleston! I haven’t been home since august , so it was such a gift to be home for the holidays.

Becca from Maryland

My sister got me a Hadaya necklace from Israel. It's shaped like a heart ad she had it engraved with the saying (in Hebrew) "there's no friend like a sister and there's no sister like mine" and both our Hebrew names I still wear it a lot and both the necklace and the sentiment mean a lot to me.”

Melody from Pittsburgh

“Last year, my sister had a sweatshirt made just for me.  It had a picture of two babies on the front and said "Melody and Emily, kickin it since 1993".  I burst out laughing because it was totally ridiculous, and initially, I complained that there was no where I could possibly wear it.  It's grown to be my favorite around-the-house sweatshirt, though, and it reminds me of her every time.  It's the perfect combination of sisterly-sillyness and love.”

Julio from Indiana

”The most meaningful gift I got was  a pair of LaDuca dance shoes from my mom because of an intensive program for dance I was going to. She wanted me to have the best so i could "Be the best."