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Posted on November 19, 2012 by Alex Rosenberg | 0 comments

Growing up with learning disabilities, I found I was constantly struggling in school. A task that seemed so simple to my classmates would keep me up all night trying to understand. In order to keep up, I had to learn to become an advocate for myself. So, naturally, 

when I entered college, I had to do the same. I tried to reach out to other students in hopes to find someone who understood but what I had found was slim pickings. 

I attended a large university and couldn't believe that with a school with over 40,000 undergraduates and over 1,000 using disability services, they had not come up with a program to help students with disabilities navigate a large university system. Especially when looking at the statistics, there was a low retention rate of college students with disabilities. With the help of the Director of Disabilities Services, I created Peer Undergraduate Mentor Program (P.U.M.P.) an award-winning mentorship program that paired upperclassmen with both incoming freshman and transfer students all using disability services. This program is still running and has successfully helped retain students who are at the highest risk of dropping out.

Doing good was meaningful to my college life and I look forward to continuing it here at DoGoodBuyUs
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