Living as a First World Refugee

Posted on November 01, 2012 by Zack Rosenberg | 0 comments

My life is pretty good. I always have a roof over my head, access to water, food, internet and so much more. Better yet, it is just about 100% of the time. On Monday, much of that changed. Not forever but, for an undisclosed part of time.

I live in NYC and more specifically the lower portion. From the 11th floor of our high-rise we felt safe from the horror stories they had been predicting on the ground. No trees could reach our height and we were inland enough to avoid floods. We were so very, very wrong.

As the ConEd Power Plant exploded, we were forced to evacuate. Power gone. We live only a few steps from hospital row which includes NYU Hospital, Bellevue and Veterans Hospitals. While we tried to head over and help them evacuate, the winds and the water had a different plan for us. 
NYC 34th and 2nd

We traveled the length of Manhattan dodging cars without traffic lights and headed uptown where we heard they had power. Cell phones were down for some time and we couldn't afford to waste the batteries anyway.

Now we enter the phase of the nomad: Bouncing from couch to couch and looking for power where we can find it until our power comes back on. Back on is something many people will never know. There are men and women who are dedicated to rebuilding and bringing things back to normal. In a place where we recently viewed the ban on 16oz sodas as the 'worst thing ever", I hope we all see how very lucky we are. 

Here at DoGoodBuyUs we have devoted our lives to the service of others. We read stories about those without power and access to clean water but never did we think it could happen here. This is the First World!

If ever there was a doubt about our passion for helping others, this got us back on track. Many folks around the world would KILL to have our "worst day". Our wait will end and theirs will continue.

Here is my plea, help us in our effort to help others. Your networks, dollars and passion can make a difference and we want to be your tool. We work with 100's of organizations including those that are bringing power and water to the Third World. What a different place the world could be if everything we did was good for you AND good for others.

If you are looking to volunteer here in NYC, email and give them your name and borough.

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