Who would vote no? Prop 37 in California

Posted on October 21, 2012 by Zack Rosenberg | 0 comments
Back in the 50's, doctors actually prescribed cigarettes to cure certain ailments. They even urged pregnant women to smoke in order to lower blood pressure. Unimaginable!

Finally in 1966, the Surgeon General required that all cigarette packages be labeled with a warning. As we now know, this warning made it clear that cigarettes provided no health benefits and to the contrary was a possible cause of death.

My grandfather was one who heeded this warning and went cold turkey and he was a very stubborn man so I believe in the effectiveness of educating the buying public.

I mention this now because there is a similar situation in California that warrants everyone's attention, and is in fact even more important because it involves something that affects everyone, not just smokers. It is Proposition 37 and it is a ballot initiative that will require food manufacturers to identify any product that has been Genetically Modified (GMO).

In scientific terms that means that the food was altered or tampered with. Wouldn't you want to know that you were buying and consuming products that contained potentially harmful ingredients to you and/or the environment?

his sure seems like a no-brainer, but when it comes to profits, there is no such thing. Companies like Dow Chemical and Monsanto are fighting this Proposition with all their financial mite. Sadly they are very well funded and unless voters come out in force for the Proposition, it could doom one of the most fundamentally important rulings ever. Furthermore, the outcome would impact whether other states take this issue on in the future.

Why is this something we care about at DoGoodBuyUs? Because it is our passion AND our mission to change consumerism.The reason for our existence was born out of my trip to the supermarket with my son. He wanted the junky cereals and I wanted something that was good for him. After reading label after label, there was only one clear choice: Paul Newman's Own.

His cereals were good for me, good for my son AND good for others. I mean what is the sense of having companies donate money to cure diseases that their products may actually cause?

Since I don't live in California, I leave it to all of you who do to vote for Proposition 37. And if you have family and friends who live there, please forward this message and urge their support. This is one vote that could set off the best possible chain reaction that WILL positively affect consumerism for us and our families.

If you need a little inspiration, this clip comes to mind:

Food like water is an absolute necessity. Not everything belongs in your body. Vote for Prop in 37 in California and give the rest of us to do the same across the country.
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