Our Part in #GivingTuesday

Posted on October 16, 2012 by Ed Speno | 0 comments
Giving Tuesday is an awesome idea. But at DoGoodBuyUs, it's more than an awesome idea. It's the very core of our business. 

We believe that the world can't change until consumerism does. From day one, we set out to collaborate with nonprofit partners and unite consumers with those partners at greater and greater scale. Our vehicle is ecommerce. But our fuel is momentum. The momentum of community taking many actions both large and small, but collectively HUGE. With an excitement that is contagious and incredibly capable of social impact. That is Giving Tuesday. And that's DoGoodBuyUs. For this reason we could not be more excited to be a founding partner of #GivingTuesday. 

Our business will be acting differently on November 27th. Typically, our suppliers range from for-profit social ventures to actual non-profit producers using 100% of proceeds to sustain their charitable operations. These structural differences affect the percentage of proceeds per-purchase that go directly to a social cause. On Giving Tuesday, we're doing things differently: we're promising 90% of every dollar spent on our site will go directly to the cause behind that product. If our producers can't honor this, we won't feature their products on November 27th. This increases our impact and our ability to do Good. And we're proud of that. 

Interested in featuring your non-profits product? Email us at info@dogoodbuy.us

We party, too. 

We figured we needed to celebrate all this amazing work culminating on November 27th. We've secured Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in NYC and a two-hour open bar to host the unofficial Giving Tuesday after-party. It's a chance to party with a like-minded crowd including dozens of non-profit movers and shakers while sipping spirits in the spirit of an amazing day. At night. For more information on how to purchase tickets for the event, head to the ticketing page at DoGoodBuyUs. And look out for more promotions of the event in the weeks to come. 

On behalf of every partner and every person committed to making Giving Tuesday the "opening day of the giving season", LET'S DO THIS. 

Visit our #GivingTuesday section, here and get your tickets for the part, here

With excitement, 
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