Does the Impact of Your Purchase, Matter?

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Mindy Schultz | 0 comments

You hear or see it everyday: Donate $___ amount of money to this charitable organization – it’s going towards a good cause.  

But we at DoGoodBuyUs don’t want to just take your money!  We want to make a difference.  We want to make donating easy and fun for you.  And we choose to do that by offering everyday items - that when purchased - do just that - give back to different charity organizations. 

We wanted to do a little market research on this idea, so we went straight to the people that matter, YOU!  Here are the results:


 “If you knew you had the choice to buy two similar products, similar in both function and price, one purchase supported water in a third world country, the other purchase supported the local American business, which product would you take to the counter?  Would you be more interested in the charitable item or would you purchase the “regular” product.


Devyn Schultz – Student

“Yes.  I absolutely would buy the charitable item because I value quality over quantity.  Even if I might have to buy less of the product, the purchase to me is more sustainable and I would definitely pursue that route.”


Daniel Bolson – Student

“It would have to depend on the price and product.  Being a college student right now, I am more concerned about affordability.  I would honestly just buy whatever was the cheaper item so that my money lasts longer.  If the price point of the items were exactly the same, I would then probably purchase the charitable item.”


La’Qresha Benjamin – Employee

“Of course!  I feel that if we can give back to the community and outreach, especially if you do not have the time in your own life to volunteer, buying products that will give back would be the next best thing.”


Rachel Bills – Employee

“I would purchase the charitable item because I know that is serving a good purpose.  I would know that I am making someone else’s life easier, rather than contributing to the life of someone in America who, most likely, is already living a ‘luxurious’ lifestyle in comparison.”

Lance Fisher – Employee

“If it was made clear that my money was actually benefiting someone in need, like no questions asked, then yes, I would be more inclined to purchase a product where the money spent would benefit different charity organizations.  I would really want to know how legitimate the company was first though, because in this day in age, you can never really know where your money is going.  People say they have all these wonderful intentions, but there never is any true knowledge that my donation was worthwhile.  If I could know with certainty that my money was going to a good cause, I would definitely be more inclined to help out and purchase those products.”


Sara Speer – The Project Management Team Principal

“No.  I would rather we set the clients or charities up as employees or co-owners.” 


Jessica Shoss – Maximus Employee 

“If my purchase was benefiting someone in needs life/lifestyle, I would of course buy that product.  There are many ways to give back to people in need, especially in third world countries, but very few people taking advantage of the opportunities.  This would be such a simple way to give back to those people without too much effort.  I think it is a great idea.”


Brandi – iQuest Employee

“Yes.  I would be more inclined to buy a product where it gave me or someone else something tangible back.  Like, if the product were a water bottle and the proceeds went to benefitting clean/sustainable water.   If I could actually see or know what I was benefitting, I would be much more interested in purchasing that product versus a “regular” product.


Kali Lang - Student

“I would be inclined to buy a service-based product, like Toms for example, if the organization connected to the product was well-known and dedicated to the cause, over making profit.”

So there you have it: the majority of the responses were positive!  But, people want to be educated.  They want to know where their money is going, and they want to, for once, actually see or feel the benefits of their “donations.”  DoGoodBuyUs has already taken steps towards achieving such goals, but we will continue to educate our customers about the different organizations they are benefiting as we continue our path towards a better tomorrow! 

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