A Study of 6,522 Young People: The Results

Posted on October 11, 2012 by Ed Speno | 0 comments
Even when we’re broke, we still give. Two research groups released a report asking thousands of millennials aged 20-35 about how they interacted with non-profits. The results proved we’re an active generation regardless of the economic environment.

Even in this economy, young people continue to contribute time and money to non-profit organizations. 63% of those surveyed volunteered with a non-profit last year. Not bad! But most young people want more leadership involvement with the organizations. Over 75% expressed the desire to be on a board or leadership position in our volunteer time. Oh young people, we're such leaders!

When it comes to donations, we like things slow and steady. Our donations are usually at amounts of $100 or less, but some youngsters did give over $500 to a single non-profit organization! We're active: 75% of those surveyed say they gave a financial gift last year to a non-profit. One of our biggest pet peeves? When we're not told exactly how our gift will make a difference. Research is usually limited when picking our charitable causes; we'd rather find them out from friends or make decisions based on the impulses we feel when first landing on a non profit's web site. Most of us prefer to give online but second place is giving in person. 

By far, the biggest cause we champion is the Environment. World hunger and poverty issues are next in line...

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