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Posted on August 09, 2012 by Alex Rosenberg | 1 comment

Just like any other girl, I've spent a lot of time in the drugstore aisle looking, smelling, and testing various soaps and body washes. I love the feeling of opening up a fresh bar of soap or a new body wash and seeing how it affects my skin. I vary in what I've used, sometimes using Dove soaps (they are cheap) and other times trying a new scent from from Sabon.

Over the past few months, I've spent time evaluating what goes into the products I use. I realize that the quality of a product matters much more to my body. Over the past week, I decided to spend time with SoapBox soaps. I've tried every type (Oatmeal Clove, Lavendar, and Lemongrass). Check out my experiences below:

Lavender Soap: By far my favorite scent of the bunch. My skin was fragrant after each use, soft, and felt clean. There was none of the residue (you know what I am talking about) that felt leftover on my skin.

Lemongrass Soap: Similar to the Lavender experience, with a more "punchy" scent. If you like lemongrass you'll love this.

Cinnamon Spice: This is the soap where you can tell it is naturally made. There are real cloves within the bar, making this much more of an exfoliant and less of an "everyday" soap (at least in my mind). However, my mother would argue that if you have dry skin (she has psoriasis), then this is the one to try. She has seen a significant change in her skin since using this soap everyday.

And here's the important parts, so take note:

- Nothing artificial is added! Most (cheap) soaps remove glycerin from their bars (which FYI, is the most important ingredient). Why do they do this? Glycerin is a traded commodity and by removing it, commercial soap makers can sell the glycerin to make a profit all while leaving trace amounts to be able to mention on their labels, conveniently tricking consumers. SoapBox soaps keep 9-10% of the natural glycerin in their bars, which is why my skin was so soft after each use. Sodium laurel sulfate or Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) is another chemical added to commercial soaps to increase their lather quality, but can also dry out your skin. SoapBox soaps does not include these chemicals.

- While this might cost more than your average soap, think about it this way: It's equivalent to Sabon and each bar of soap you purchase gives a child in need a companion bar of soap.

So after my week with SoapBox Soaps I can confidently tell you that I will continue to use the product. Natural is the way to go, you really do feel a massive difference. Not only that, but you can know that the purchase you made is helping someone else. How often do we get to do that with our everyday products?

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  • Kyle

    I chose the same 3 scents! I LOVED all 3 & even though they are small, they lasted a lot longer than I thought they would. I was impressed with the lasting scents, exfoliating quality, & natural ingredients of the bars. I feel confident letting my toddlers use this soap over commercial ‘baby’ soaps that contain ingredients I can’t pronounce. Plus, it’s win-win like all DoGoodBuyUs products!


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