Booo! The 5 Least Philanthropic States.

Posted on March 21, 2012 by Zack Rosenberg | 1 comment
A few of these came as a surprise to me. Folks! What is it about these states that make them the least philanthropic? If you live or have lived here, leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

5. NEW MEXICO: Giving $719 per taxpayer

4. NORTH DAKOTA: Giving $672 per taxpayer

3. WEST VIRGINIA: Giving $662 per taxpayer

2. VERMONT: Giving $662 per taxpayer

1. MAINE: Giving $612 per taxpayer

For a more positive perspective, check out the 5 Most Philanthropic States
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  • Chris

    Dollar amounts don’t reveal generosity. Percentage of income donated would. A meaningful measure would have to be adjusted for average income. For example New Mexico, and West Virginia are 45th and 49th in per capita income. People there may well be more generous than people in states you would rank higher.


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