What do all of these sustainability, fair trade, eco-friendly certifications mean?

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It certainly does feel like a lot of products have taken shortcuts these days, doesn't it? From ingredients designed in labs to synthetic fibers and unpaid labor, many organizations have found themselves at an interesting crossroads. They wonder, do I do what is best for people or I do what is best for our bottom line. The answer won't surprise you.

In this recent blog we wrote about the 10 ingredients that don't belong in our food. This article highlights the organizations that are looking out for US as consumers.

Below you will find a list of the most common seals and certifications, along with what you will know when you see them.

The Fair Trade Federation is most well-known for it's certification of products. You will know that they were produced sustainably and in fair conditions for the employees.

Fair Trade USA certifies that food and food production are done in a sustainable and ethical fashion. 

USDA Organic has become a global standard for food production. It stands for non-gmo and no harmful pesticides.






Being cruelty free and vegan is in association with PETA. This certification ensures that no animals were used in testing or the products.

The Natural Products Association certifies that a household product or item is made sustainably, responsibly, and safely. 

One of the most recognizable seals is the Energy Star from the Environmental Protection Agency. It certifies that each product uses minimal amount of energy and reduces greenhouse gases. 

LEED Certification comes from the US Green Building Council. With 4 levels of certifications, Platinum means a building has achieved the highest level of efficiency from construction through upkeep. 

B Corps are becoming the new standard for business. This seal certifies that a business places it's stakeholders at equal value to it's shareholders.  

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