Mom always has the answers, right?

Posted on May 08, 2014 by Chelsey Amer, C it Nutritionally | 1 comment

In case you haven't turned on your TV, surfed the web, listened to the radio or shopped at DoGoodBuyUs in the past week, Sunday is Mothers Day!

My mom is undoubtedly my best friend, my #1 cheerleader, and a shoulder to cry on, but also someone who’s never afraid of setting me straight when I need it!

I've learned so much from my mom throughout my 25 years. She's taught me useful life lessons that matter in how to stand up for myself, treat others how I want to be treated, and give back to those less fortunate. But one of the most applicable lessons I've learned over time (and I'm still learning), that has somewhat led to my career, is how to cook and bake!

Every holiday, birthday, and snowy afternoon I was my moms sous chef. She may not be a James Beard award winner (to me you are Mom!), but she produces food that nourishes and comforts with the most love.

Here are the top life and culinary lessons I've learned from my mother:

  • Practice, practice, practice…in life and in the kitchen (your taste buds and family will thank you!).
  • Simplicity is best. One shopping trip, to a generic grocery store, is all you should need to create a delicious and nutritious meal! Use the basics to perfect your culinary skills!
  • Always under-bake. Especially brownies.
  • Gadgets are fun, but not needed. Salad-spinner? Awesome! But you can wash your lettuce the old fashioned way too!
  • You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. About 3 years ago, after 30 years of marriage, my dad became a vegan. A VEGAN! My former carnivorous household was flipped upside down! Well, my mom reacted (mostly) cool, calm, and collected. She reinvented old recipes, experimented with new ones, and has re-designed the typical Amer family dinner!
  • Roll with the punches. Even the most experienced bakers have flops. So instead of starting over if a cake sinks, top it with berries!
  • Entertain with class. My mom is like Martha Stewart! one does it better! So do as my mom does...take the hummus out of its plastic container and put it in a pretty bowl...because details matter!!!

Even if you haven’t had the wonderful opportunity to meet my mother, hopefully our mother-daughter culinary adventures have taught you a few things in the kitchen!

Wishing you a nutritious and loving Mothers Day!



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  • Saralee

    I have had the pleasure of knowing your mother and she is as delightful and inspiring as you say. Thanks for sharing the lessons you learned from her.


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