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Since I’m new at DoGoodBuyUs, here are a few facts about myself so you can get to know me better…
• I’m a University of Michigan grad -- GO BLUE! (Football season is only 20 weeks away!)
• At various points in my life I’ve been a carnivore, vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian...but I favor the term “flex-i-tarian” (because your eating habits aren’t your sole identity).
• I lived in Israel for two years and it completely changed my food philosophy.
I’m an AVID Meatless Monday believer, follower, and blogger! 


The Meatless Monday (MM) movement is a public health awareness campaign to address the association between excessive meat consumption and the adverse effects it has on our health and environment.

Here’s why I choose to go Meatless every Monday:
To combat the Standard American Diet (SAD -- great acronym!), which consists largely of processed, sugary, and fatty fast “food.” This way of eating is getting us sick, increasing obesity, chronic diseases (like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and strokes), and trickling down to our future generations. Meatless Monday puts the priority on produce, and eliminates the emphasis on meat.
To curb obesity. Abstaining from animal products eliminates many sources of saturated fat (linked to heart disease) in your diet while increasing your fiber intake...all without making you think too hard about it! 
To live longer. Several studies have linked vegetarian diets to lower mortality. Although the explanation is still unclear, going meat-free one day a week can only help us live longer and healthier.
To fight chronic diseases. Those who follow a whole foods plant-based diet can reverse or almost completely prevent the leading causes of death (including heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes). Bump up your plant-based food consumption to reap similar benefits. 
To make a healthy habit. While feasting on mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans & legumes, and healthy fats, you will consume the highest quality multivitamin that exists! Our bodies absorb nutrients much better when they come from food. Each Monday aim to eliminate processed and sugary convenience foods to fuel your body properly. 
To help the environment. If we were all to go meat-free once weekly, we would reduce our carbon footprints, greenhouse gas emissions, and save upwards of millions of gallons of water. 
               • To be prepared to cook every Monday, purchase this apron to help save the environment and fight gender discrimination! 
While DoGoodBuyUs gives back to causes that matter, joining the MM movement (C’mon, it’s only once a week!) gives back to our environment, our health, and our future! For recipes (like the one pictured below), tips and tricks for an enjoyable Meatless Monday, visit my blog, C it Nutritionally.
Now that you know something important to me, please introduce yourself & let me know what healthy habits are important to YOU...I look forward to hearing from you!
Chelsey Amer is a graduate student in Clinical Nutrition based in New York City with a passion for cooking, baking, healthy living, and writing about it! Follow her at, which focuses on healthy strategies to live well and fuel your body for optimal use! When Chelsey's not baking or blogging she's exploring this great city, traveling the world, or dancing!
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