10 companies taking Social Responsibility seriously

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A decade ago the idea of corporate social responsibility was little more than a fringe idea. You would have to be crazy people thought to take resources away from driving business and devoting them to projects and ideas that further a social mission. Now 100 out of the top 100 companies have a CSR department. This is all because YOU demanded it!

In this article we share 8 mind-blowing facts about why CSR is good for business. 

As well know, it's one thing to say it and a very different thing to do it. Below are 10 companies that are answering the call to be more socially responsible. Several of them are even working with DoGoodBuyUs to create socially responsible products for their clients and customers.

10) Pepsi: Recently launched it's Good For You foods initiative. Reshaping the brand to offer healthier choices even after shareholders held a mini revolt. PLUS with it's Refresh Project, offered million of dollars to causes close to consumers hearts. Well done!

9) Microsoft: Voted the most socially responsible company of 2013 by PR News. Microsoft is making strides across several areas of CSR. Not unlike those of founder, Bill Gates.

8) Google: Funding projects almost too numerous to name, we decided to just share a link

Click to learn more about Socially Responsible Product Development

7) CBS: Founded by the amazing Paul Polizzotto, EcoMedia is now the fastest growing division of CBS. They believe that trapped in advertising dollars is the resources to change the world. We do too!

6) Mastercard: Did some amazing work with StandUp2Cancer. From the moment of silence at the MLB All-Star game to the series of ads it used to promote average people making a BIG impact. Over $4 million raised to help families in need.

5) Ben and Jerry's: The forefathers of social responsibility. The way they approached their business was revolutionary. From the refusal of GMO's (yay) to enabling future businesses to keep their social mission intact in the event of an acquisition. This was a big change in the business world. 

4) Stonyfield Farms: From working local farmers to non GMO's to measuring the carbon footprint of every action they take, Stonyfield Farms is committed. Plus they have a great blog sharing tips and how-to's.

3) Body Shop: When your mission starts with, "we have a moral responsibility to be open and honest about what it does, and face up things which need to be improved."

2) CVS: On February 5th of 2014, they announced that by October it would no longer sell cigarettes. YES! Giving up nearly $2 billion in annual revenue, they will more than make up for it in loyalty. This was a bold decision and that's why they are #2 on our list. 

1) Whole Foods: You cannot run a socially responsible business without trying to mimic, copy and/or study the way the Whole Foods does business. The idea is baked into every element and everything that they do. 

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Click here to learn more on socially responsible product development.

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