10 Arizona laws that should be repealed before any new law is implemented

Posted on February 27, 2014 by Zack Rosenberg | 0 comments

Yesterday Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed SB 1062, a bill that would have made it legal for businesses to deny service to gays and lesbians for religious purposes. Though the outcry and public humiliation has stated everything we believe, we wanted to take it a step further. After doing a few minutes of investigations, below are 10 laws that should be repealed before Arizona ever implements a new law!

10) It is illegal to hunt Camels. Upon further investigation, there are no camels in Arizona.

9) You may face 25 years in prison for cutting down a cactus

8) Any misdemeanor committed while wearing a red mask is considered a felony

7) It is illegal to manufacture imitation cocaine. Priorities.

6) Anti-immigration law 1070 which allows anyone to be stopped for any reason and provide I.D. The reigning champion of bad laws in Arizona.

5) Donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs. Anymore.

4) The countries least effective laws on human trafficking.

3) You are no longer allowed to ride a horse up the stairs in a county court house. What about down the stairs?

2) The concealed weapons law which allows people to carry without a permit.

1) No wearing of suspenders. Sorry Steve-o.

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