10 ingredients that don't belong in your food!

Posted on February 26, 2014 by Zack Rosenberg | 0 comments

Quite a headline, right? The scariest part is we could have made it 10,000. That number comes from the Center for Disease Control of banned or questionable substances. When it comes to being a consumer, knowledge is power. The decisions we make not only affect us but, our families. What recently brought this to light was the announcement from Subway restaurants that they would be removing azodicarbonamide from it's bread. A chemical often found in the soles of shoes and yoga mats. YUM!

DoGoodBuyUs prides itself in finding the best of what's GOOD. That means you will only find, all-natural, organic, and responsibly made items on our marketplace. Below you will find 10 more ingredients that don't belong in your products.

1) Azodicarbonamide found in Subway's bread. Also used for soles of shoes and yoga mats.


2) Tartrazine aka, Yellow No. 5 found in Kraft Mac and Cheese. Also used for cosmetics and nail polishes.

3) Arsenic found in chicken feed. This bottle usually contains skulls and crossbones in the movies.

4) Bromine found in Gatorade. Also found in gasoline and used to develop photos. 

5) DHMO is found in fruit juices such as Tropicana Orange juice. Also found in rocket fuel.

6) Pink Slime is found in McDonald's burgers and chicken nuggets. It includes ammonia found in cleaning products.

7) rGBH is found in Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt. Commonly found in dairy based products but linked to 16 different disorders.

8) Formaldehyde is found in cans commonly used for soups and sodas. Also found in adhesives.

9) BHA and Propyl Gallate found in chewing gum. Also found in toys and plastics. 

10) Petroleum is found in Fruit Loops and other cereals. Also used in gasoline.

About 75% of the ingredients mentioned are also found in these

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