Rub-a-dub-dub, can you make impact in the tub?

Posted on February 20, 2014 by Zack Rosenberg | 0 comments

We have a mantra that to change the world, we need to make small changes, every day. While it might be difficult to see at the time, the changes YOU make will have an ENORMOUS affect in the long run. So when it comes to one our most basic daily rituals, learn how the way you bathe can make an impact!

Do you take a shower or a bath?


Did you know Americans use over 100 gallons of water per day? That is twice as much as any other country. According to the Water Research Foundation and the Franklin Institute, we use 7.2 gallons of water every minute AND shower for an average of 8 minutes per day. Whoa! That is more than 56 gallons of water. However a bath may use as little as 18 gallons. 

Verdict: A greener shower head can cut down usage to 20 gallons, shorter showers or perhaps, a bath.  

What about soap?


We often overlook this very important detail. I recently saw a commercial for Dove that started with, "Dove isn't Soap, it's better." I suppose my first issue with that is it outright told us it isn't soap. A look at the ingredients will confirm it. 

Then there is B.A.R.E. Soaps. Made with all-natural ingredients and scents that will make you smile. After just two days of using B.A.R.E. Soaps my wife noticed the difference and now she is using it too!

What really hooked me beyond the amazing soap was their social mission. Each bar of soap is donating antiseptics to Ugandan children. More than 650,000 children a month are at risk of dying without them.

Verdict: Make the switch to B.A.R.E. Soaps. Click here to find out more!


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