2013 was an amazing year filled with many reasons to be proud. We are certainly sad to see it go. As a New Year begins, it is time to count the ways to make the world a better place in 2014. Are you ready?!


14. Let's start with a positive attitude! According to the Mayo Clinic a positive attitude can increase life expectancy, lower rates of depression, greater resistance to the common cold, among other things. Seems like good enough reasons for us.


13. YouGiveGoods acts as the conduit to assist in getting goods from the people who want to help to the people who need helps, virtually! A great way to donate.


12. Give of your expertise with the Taproot Foundation. A marketplace that connects professionals with causes.


11. Get your everyday essentials that Give Back. From all natural soaps to shaving kits.

10. Support a local Food Bank and make a tremendous impact in your own neighborhood. 


9. With Crowdrise you can raise money online for a cause and create personal fundraisers for charity. Plus, they have the world's best slogan.

8. Make a resolution (and keep it) with Stickk. To change the world all we have to do is make small changes, every day. Stop smoking, help a stranger or perhaps, get in shape.


7. Speaking of getting in shape, find workout gear that will that will make you look GOOD and feel GOOD


6. Volunteermatch provides volunteer information and listings in your local community. So many projects in need of your help.


5. Donate your birthday with Charity: Water! That's right. Instead of gifts ask your friends and family to use the money and build water wells instead. Seriously satisfying. 


4. A great way to help those in need are gift cards. While we don't claim this is the solution to homeless, we hope you take the message to heart.

3. ThinkImpact is making experiential travel the new norm. Take a trip and come back a completely different person. Sign us up!


2. Teach! With SkillShare you can give one of the greatest gifts there is. 


1. Be ready and share your stories. The problem with most stories of Doing Good is that they never get noticed. In 2014, we want to change that. Share your story with us and be eligible for a $10 gift card to DoGoodBuyUs. Our little way of saying, "Thank You!"

We wish you all the happiest of New Years!