In a world with 7 billion people, it can be difficult to see the impact of a single person’s good deeds. One may speculate that a single contribution or purchase will not create change. But what if many people could come together and join their purchasing power to make an impact on the lives of hundreds or even thousands of hardworking people across the globe?

At DoGoodBuyUs, we have seen the success of our efforts to do just that - to bring amazing projects to life through amazing products - and we have been able to do it because of YOU.

We call it, Crowd Commerce. 

Even though you are one of many, you still play a large role in changing the lives of people for the better. Whether it is creating employment through purchasing unique, hand-made products or building water wells by buying water bottles, you are providing people with hope that they did not have before. The hope that they can support their families, that their quality of life can change, that the world does care and is willing to help.

Working with some of the best charities who champion some of the most important causes, we have reached every goal we have set. There is a reason for that, and that reason is you, and everyone who has come together to see that we cross the finish line and bring change with us. Whenever you take action, even a small one, you are making a difference.

Every day we hear certain buzzwords about how we should live our lives. Headlines scream about the latest health craze, or the newest fashions, and we respond with thoughts about our own lives, and how we can change. As important as it is to make changes in our own lives, we also need to make changes in the world around us.

To sustain change, whether it be on an individual level or in the community around us, we need to start small. In a world where everything is bigger, and better, where everything is larger than life, and only the biggest news items get heard, it is easy to lose sight of the small things. The truth is that even though an action may be small, it can have a huge impact; especially when thousands, millions of people begin to take action every day.

The world cannot be changed in a day but that does not mean that you cannot be a part of that change. You do not need to have special powers to alter someone’s life drastically for the better. It takes a small change, made every day, to become conscious of the world around us. Not just the news that makes it onto the local television station, or the papers, but the things that take place around us.

Even a small action can have an impact and be celebrated. Let’s all try to make little changes everyday that make us feel good, and know that you're closer than you think!